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Mediate Litigate?

During the divorce season, the most intimate and central concerns of a person's life are raised and examined by both parties to either negotiate and settle or litigate when necessary. Critical decisions must be made regarding: children and custody, financial assets, personal property and where you will live after the separation.  




In some jurisdictions the courts will order the parties to attempt to settle their differences through mediation. In this case, a mediator will assist the parties in sorting out the issues where there is dispute. Both parties should come prepared to negotiate, to make a good faith effort to resolve differences and reach a settlement.  



Try to agree on small issues first before diving directly into the larger issues. Try to keep your emotions at bay and think objectively and clearly what your goals and objectives may be.



Mitchell Law has years of experience in assisting clients prepare for mediation and successfully settle disputes in an amicable manner.

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