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Meet Rodney Mitchell

     Attorney at Law

Rodney, a native of Washington, D.C. and the principal at Mitchell Law DC, brings years of experience and real-world perspective to the practice of Matrimonial Law, Family Law and Probate Law. Located in the nation's capital, Mitchell Law DC is a boutique law firm committed to providing practical and sound legal advice and representation.
"A family lawyer must have worldly experience, empathy and full commitment to the client to take the 2am call... Family Law is about solving problems that concerns the most precious aspects of a client's life-- children and protecting their hard-earned, financial interest and quality of life." 

After years of serving as a public interest attorney and  government administrator, Rodney opened his private law practice.


At Mitchell Law, every client is given the personalized time and attention that produces favorable results in: contested divorce suits, domestic violence cases, child custody and probate matters. While at the same time, Rodney is a skillful negotiator who is also known for being able to settle the most contentious divorces and child custody cases.

  • University of California, Berkeley
  • George Washington University, Law School
  • Judicial Law Clerk, D.C. Superior Court
  • Former Cabinet Member, Mayor of Washington, D.C.
  • Former Executive Director, Returning Citizen's Affairs, D.C. Government
  • Congressional Commissioner, District of Columbia 
  • Barred District of Columbia Superior Court
  • Barred in Federal District Court, District of Columbia

Family Law for the 


As popular parlance goes, we "get it." At Mitchell Law, we get that times have changed and many couples seeking to resolve vexing, family legal matters want and need resolution without "war" and the total destruction of lives, relationships and families that comes with it. 


They understand that pursuing a"zero sum" outcome in child custody cases, divorce and separation can often times undermine their own self-interests. Many in our conflict weary society are more interested in amicable settlements that lends to overall well-being of the family. 


However, when settlement is not possible, we are experienced litigators and will skillfully protect the assets, interest and rights of our clients.



Mitchell Law

a family law practice



1050 30th Street, NW, Georgetown

Washington, D.C. 20007

Tel:  202. 210-1223


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